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    Turn on CC for English, Marathi & Hindi subtitles. Having a stage to perform on is a privilege these 14 emerging comics didn't have. From remote regions of Maharashtra, aspiring comedians went through a year of stand-up comedy workshops and shows, mentored by BhaDiPa comics. With BhaDiPa, Maraa -a media arts collective, and The Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR), which helps amplify voices from the margins into mainstream public discourse, they found their voices! Watch their inspiring journey.
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    Aksash Dikondwar - aakash.dikondwar.9 |
    Instagram - @aakash_dikondwar7
    Siddhant Belvalkar - siddhant.belvalkar2 |
    Instagram - @siddhant_belvalkar
    Ankur Tangade - ankur.tangade.7 |
    Instagram - @ankurtangade
    Neha Thombre - neha.thombre |
    Instagram - @nehathombre
    Shirish Tirthkar - shirish.tirthkar |
    Instagram - @shirishtirthkar
    Pratiksha Khobragade - Instagram - @khobragade4446
    Kiran Deshmukh - profile.php?id=100015750097487
    Siddhart Baviskar - siddhubaviskarpratibhawant |
    Instagram - @pratibhawant
    Bajrang Jedgule - bajrang.jedgule |
    Instagram - @bajrang_jedgule
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    Instagram - rajeshsoyam12
    Valiba Bhaurle - valiba.bhaurle.37
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    Credits: -
    In collaboration with :
    MARAA - a media & arts collective:
    Fund for Global Human Rights (FGHR):
    Directed by: Chaitanya Golhar.
    Creative Producer - Paula McGlynn.
    Editor - Parag Kharnare.
    Music - Saurabh Bhalerao
    Sound Design & Mix - Malay Vadalkar
    Location Sound - Chaitanya Golhar.
    Cinematography - Ankush Kulal, Chaitanya Rakshak, Aditya Divekar, Animesh Kshatriya.
    Colourist - Kunal Tiwari
    Motion Graphics - Pratik Umale
    Subtitles - Kalpak Bhave
    Production - Vikrant Datar, Shubham Sejpal
    Produced by: Bharatiya Digital Party

    ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 16 ਦਿਨ ਪਹਿਲਾਂ


    1. Bharatiya Digital Party

      आमच्या नव्या Stand-up comedians बद्दल काय बोलताय? तुमच्या प्रतिक्रिया आम्हाला comments मध्ये कळवा.

      1. kiran kekane

        लय भारी....👏👏👏 Revolutionary.... All the very best....👍👍

      2. Aditya Gawai

        Jagat bhariiiii🔥🔥🔥🔥

      3. Shree Raj

        There is no doubt #भाडीपा will grow more. You guys always try to different things and at end your team got successLove you भाडीपा keep it up such good work

      4. Manisha Shelar

        Khup Chan Kalpana aahe .... Superb.. apratim

      5. Makarand Bhosekar

        It's very necessary for a stand up comedian to be unbiased about the different opinions regarding the topic which they are going to perform about. Sadly, in today's world it's quite rare to find people who can walk on this sword's edge without tilting on either side. As a result, stand up comedy, which was and still could have been a great medium of entertainment and social awareness, is now becoming a medium of imposing personal agendas via soft influencing and brain washing.

    2. Avinash Sawant

      What a Vision #Bhadipa amazing. Proud of you all guys. Sooner or later you will be top of the World my best wishes to all of you.

    3. Akshay Deshpande

      वाह तुम्ही घेतलेला हा Stand खरंच stand up ला एका वेगळ्याच उंचीवर घेऊन जाणार एवढं नक्की. गावातले लोकांमध्ये जो farce आहे तू कुठेच नाही. त्यांना पण या Urban stand up culture मध्ये स्थान देत आहात पाहून मस्त वाटलं.

    4. Avinash Ingle

      sundar upkram...ekdum zabardasst

    5. Pranav Shedage

      Well done Bhadipa.. You made me cry..

    6. Nikhil Lonkar

      Really appreciate the efforts.... #bhadipa....

    7. Omkar Sawant

      bhaari intiative guys! keep up the good work :)

    8. Sanket Z

      जे का रंजले गांजले । त्यासि म्हणे जो आपुलें || तो चि साधु ओळखावा । देव तेथें चि जाणावा

    9. Suhas Deogade

      Very good efforts by Bhadipa... Hats off. Im from chandrapur.

    10. Manish Jadhav

      Great going ... ! 🔥

    11. Raj Malkar

      Genuinely feel that this is one of the most wisest use of reach done by anyone

    12. Abhijeet Ashok Gujar

      Good, where to get updates for such events? BhaDiPa doing great, wish to be an active part of theme.

      1. Bharatiya Digital Party

        Hi Abhijeet, we did a series of live shows with the new stand-up mics last year called Kay boltay. We were putting updates on facebook and insta too. Do follow us there. Also, write to us on to be part of the team.😊

    13. Sunny Bhalerao

      Such a wonderful thought. May this becomes a big big movement all across india. A good initiative and great platform for expression.

    14. Akshay Bhosale

      खूपचं स्तुत्य उपक्रम आहे🙏🏻

    15. NKS Tige

      thane shoq la me hoto khup mast kalpana aahe keep it up

    16. shraddha wanje

      Guys Bhannat ahe he agdi!❤️

    17. Ashwin Gokhale

      Very very well done!

    18. Atharva Tere

      Where can we watch the full performances??

    19. Dikshant

      just wow ! Bhadipa you have my heart....

    20. Ankit Sikchi

      Purn video baghitla pan ek he stand up nahi dakhawala...😬🤦‍♂️

    21. Chirag Shetty

      Too good more power

    22. Omkar Pawar

      wow, this has to be the most wholesome thing I've seen in a while. Great work by Bhadipa. This one change will be truly groundbreaking in the coming years.

    23. Akhilesh Shastri

      Actually, I don't have any words to describe how it felt watching this documentary. But one thing is for sure, at some point in those 28:14 minutes, something somewhere will definitely touch your heart and tickle your funny and rooty bone. More power to the organizers. मज्जाच आली एकदम !!!

    24. Meghsham V Kapure

      Keep up

    25. Sahil Khandagale

      Bhadipa you guys are doing am amazing deed and this will really help the standup scene in Maharashtra and also help these comedians grow and prosper. Really proud of being your follower❤️

    26. De Ki

      Who is cutting onions?

    27. Shounak Joshi

      Khup sundar उपक्रम aahe! Kammall all the best team bhadipa! Ani सगळे upcoming Stand up comedians ❤️❤️👌👌👌

    28. Sandip Aghav

      You people are great. Salute to your creations and creativity.

    29. Anisha Salunke

      ही एक भन्नाट आणि uinic आयडिया आहे

    30. Mayur Katore

      khup sundar !

    31. vaishnavi tawde

      Khup mast . Tumhi ajun grow we are with you ❤️

    32. Saurabh Ghadge

      Love bhadipa ❤️

    33. Nipun k

      This thing's so powerful 🥺❤️

    34. Ritvik Sakpal

      I don't do comedy but this documentary has completely changed my view to look at comic standups. Kudos to BhaDiPa and team...

    35. Sagar Mane

      I thought my life is a tragedy but it is actually a comedy! Hats off

    36. ujjwal bhawalkar

      Most inspiring thing i saw in 2020 congratulations bhadipa and the new comedians

    37. Rupak Sawangikar

      Kadak. Empowering. Brilliant initiative! Keep up the good work @bhadipa

    38. Abhijeet Sawant

      bhadipa mastch :)

    39. Ohm Charan

      Here from Sorabh Pant ♥️

    40. Vidisha Sonawane

      Again you guys are doing something crazy ❤️ this is actually what satisfaction of success and concept of your project made me sigh with smile on face and thought in mind that ....yes something good is still there ✌️🤞

    41. Shraddha Kulkarni


    42. Sneha Arekar

      More Power to BhaDiPa...!!!

    43. Saili Parab

      This is very nice initiative...... All the best guys...... God bless you all 🤩❤️

    44. MayuR

      Kay boltay

    45. travelholiceyes 28

      भोजपुरी, हिंदी, पंजाबी आणि दक्षिण भारतातील त्यांचं ते त्यांच्या एकसेन्ट मधील हिंदी आणि इंग्लिश आणि मग उच्च जातीतील इंग्लिश विनोदी स्टॅन्ड अप बघायला आपल्याला बी आवडत पण मराठीत असं का नाही होत, होतात पण एक ठराविक पातळीवर, पुणे-मुंबई सारख्या उच्चभ्रू शहरात. आम्ही शाळेत असताना संगमेश्वरी बोलीतील कार्यक्रम करणारे गृहस्थ होते. त्या आमच्याच भाषेतील बोली विनोदांवर आम्ही खळखळुन हसायचो. तसंच कोकण, पश्चिम महाराष्ट्र, खान्देश, विदर्भ त्यानंतर उच्च दर्जाची कोल्हापुरी, रत्नागिरी ची संगमेश्वरी, सिंधुदुर्गाची मालवणी, नाशिक चा दर्जा, उत्तर कोकणातील रावस, नागपुरी, सांगली-सोलापूर चं कन्नड मराठी अश्या कितीतरी भाषा महाराष्ट्रात आहेत आणि त्यात आहे भन्नाट विनोद. हा भाडीपा चा प्रयत्न आवडला. हे जपलं पाहिजे, #bhadipa

    46. Sona Sona

      भाईंच्या जन्मदिनी 🙏🏼👌🏼 यशस्वी भव 💐🤚🏻

    47. hritik pawar

      Covid samplya nantar parat ekda Show theva please

    48. Sorabh Pant

      Brilliant work, more power to all of you. And the aspiring comedians.


        Thank u saurbh for the support .....

      2. Kuch Bhi

        Ayy taklya

      3. còwbøysamurái


    49. Ilyas Shaikh

      Great of luck for furture

    50. 0824 Nishant Waghmare

      एका व्हिडिओ मध्ये किती ऍड..!!(?)....😑😑😑😑

    51. shounak joshi

      Awesome initiative.

    52. Abhishek Kalsekar

      What an inspirational program ... Definitely one of the best thing happened in 2020...

    53. Tanmay Gandhe

      Amazing ❤❤❤

    54. vishalbarge

      Atishay sunder upkram 😊😊 Jagat bhari Bhadipa

    55. Anuj Mithbavkar

      Very well made and looking forward for some "RAADA" comics!!

    56. Chaitrali Jadhav

      अप्रतिम 👍all the best to your team

    57. Shilpa M

      Great initiative!👍👌 It's not just a platform for regional talents, but a great encouragement for rural audience as well!! I know how people feel left out and inferior just because of their regional dialect and slang. This initiative is a fantastic attempt at bridging the rural-urban divide. Kudos to the entire Bhadipa team !❤️❤️🔥👏👏👏

    58. Akshay Dabhade

      Ha video pahatana hasnyane suru zala pan shevat matra tumhi Emotional kelat....#Bhadipa khup great kam karat aahat tumchya mule aamchya jeevanat hi asach kahi kam karnyachi drushti milate❤️

    59. Ashwin Topkar

      Amazing effort 👏! Love you Bhadipa team!

      1. Bharatiya Digital Party

        Thanks a ton

    60. Dimpy Bahad

      Amazing initiative @bhartiya digital Party


      This is called revolution. Very well done BHADIPA. All the best.

    62. iam Suraj

      Hats off sarang and paula this is revolution

    63. Shubham gaikwad

      Excellent work bhadipa

    64. K P

      Good works bhadipa team and others co-people. Salute your work. Jai Maharashtra ❤🙏👍🌹

    65. Milind Salve

      Great initiative Bhadipa....!!!!

    66. Pranali Rathod

      Khup mast ase workshop Mumbai made pan kara na please ❤️

    67. Vikas Kachare

      Great initiative ✨✨🥺

    68. amar bhiwapurkar

      This is an amazing initiative.. keep up the good work #Bhadipa

    69. Pratham Mankar

      Bhadipa is on positive turning point congrats Poula and Sarang❤️

    70. Niketan Wadaskar

      This something which made my day...

    71. Ajinkya Dange

      Ek number @Bhadipa.. keep up the great work

    72. Bhargavi Bhat

      Great great ani just great ! Kamal idea hats off u all ! Asech chan chan upakram kara amhi sagle nakki yeu support karayla

    73. sai deep

      विलोभनीय पद्धतीने सर्वाना एकत्र आणत त्यांना योग्य ते प्रशिक्षण देऊन एक लोककला जपण्याचा मानस अतिशय उत्तम सादरीकरण . पुढील वाटचालीसाठी शुभेछया !

    74. Makarand Bhosekar

      It's very necessary for a stand up comedian to be unbiased about the different opinions regarding the topic which they are going to perform about. Sadly, in today's world it's quite rare to find people who can walk on this sword's edge without tilting on either side. As a result, stand up comedy, which was and still could have been a great medium of entertainment and social awareness, is now becoming a medium of imposing personal agendas via soft influencing and brain washing.

    75. Devendra Desale

      Idea जबरी आहे.. तुम्ही comedy, standup ची बीज महाराष्ट्रच्या वेगवेगळ्या भागात लावलेय. आता तेच हळू हळू नवीन लोकांना तयार करतील.. भाडीपा चे खूप अभिनंदन.. 😇👍

    76. netra daoo

      अत्यंत उत्तम initiative आहे.. तुम्ही या चळवळीचे प्रणेते ठरणार आहात याचा तुमचे समर्थक म्हणून आम्हाला सार्थ अभिमान आहे. 😀 असेच पुढे जात रहा.. महाराष्ट्राला तुमच्यावर गर्व आहे. या चळवळीतून आपल्याला उद्याचे अशोक सराफ, laxmikant बेर्डे मिळो याच सदिच्छा 💐💐🙏

    77. shreyas chougule

      भाडीपा तुम्ही हे जे काम करताय ते खूपच substantial आहे. प्लिज continue करा.

    78. Rishabh Sawant



      great work guyss like always

    80. Paresh Patil

      Wow ! Simply... Wow !! Hats off BhaDiPa !!

    81. Rohan Bandekar

      मनसे काम करताय . खूप शुभेच्छा

    82. Siddhesh Pilankar


    83. Apurva

      अप्रतिम अप्रतिम अप्रतिम अप्रतिम... अकोले तालुक्यातील आहेत हे काका खूप जास्त छान वाटलं खूपच छान bhadipa 🌻👍Waah 💯🙌👏👏👏👏🙌मस्तच सारंग दादा आणि टीम 👍👍❤️

    84. Dhananjay Sinnarkar

      अत्यंत स्तुत्य उपक्रम...!!! 🙌👌🌈❤

    85. Kiran Fadke

      खूपच छान उपक्रम!!👍👍


      धन्यवाद 💖💖💖

    87. Notsudomanu

      Yavatmal varunkon alel hot?? Plz mala kalwa mi pan tithlach aahe!!

    88. Notsudomanu

      Hya mahcha hetu khup bhaari hota "BHADIPA CHYA NAVAN ..........CHAAANGBHALA!!!!

    89. Sagar Katole

      प्रत्येक जण हा जन्मतः कोणतीतरी वैशिष्टय़पूर्ण कला घेऊन जन्मतो , गरज असते ती केवळ एका सारथीची जो ती कला ओळखून त्याला घडवण्याचे काम करेल व टिकवून ठेवेल.... सारंग साठे, bhadipa आणि टीम हे काम अतिशय उत्स्फुर्तपणे करताहेत.. खूप अभिमान वाटतो सर्वांचा. यासारखे आणखी shows करा व जास्तीत जास्त लोकांपर्यंत पोहोचा. आजच्या काळात हास्याची व आनंदाची खूप गरज आहे. Best Luck to all 👍🏼😄

    90. Sailee Jain

      Amchi bolti band keli ahe tumhi with this concept...hatsoff..i mean m left with no words to describe..kiti bhari kalpana ahe hi...local,rural lokana ya level la exposure dene is such a big thing to guys are going to rule the world team Bhadipa....kharach jagaat bhari honar ahat...🙏🙏🙏☺️☺️☺️

    91. Prashant Khodade

      Layyyy Bhariii

    92. Gaurang Salkar

      Kamala in the States, Paula in the State yo, Jai Maharashtra :')

    93. Gandhali A

      Best!!! 💯

    94. uma kulkarni

      Sarang, Paula and Anusha. Coming from a small town and having faced discrimination, I can completely identify with these participants. I only have respect for you all. Pl keep exploring paths untrodden. All the best. Love you guys.

    95. akshada thakur

      Beautiful and Brilliant!

    96. Utube Wala Rahul

      Mi Pan Yeil 1 Day Bus Sahi time ka Wait kr rhe he 🥱😅

    97. Savita Prabhune

      There are people who just speak about the betterment of marginalised, and then there is bhadipa who acts for their betterment. I am so proud of you bhadipa. Very commendable effort🙏

    98. yogesh joshi

      Badal hot nasato ghadvava lagto...

    99. Dr. Pratibha Kadam

      Great work guys👍👍 Keep it up..❤️

      1. Bharatiya Digital Party

        Thank you so much 😀

    100. sarvesh chitodkar

      अभिमानास्पद bhadipa